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This course covers all material included in the Worldview Weekend Curriculum (available for download in the Situation Room Library.)

  • The Six Worldviews That Rule The World
  • The Truth of A Biblical Worldview
  • Understanding the New Spirituality
  • The New Spirituality Creeps Into the Church
  • The Dangers of Dominion Theology
  • The Dangerous and Unbiblical Worldview of the New Apostolic Reformation
  • Balancing Biblical Christian Activism in Light of The Great Commission and The Dangers of Moralizing
  • How the Church of Rome, Protestants, Hindus, and All the World's Religions Are Becoming One
  • 10 Biblical Hallmarks That Reveal A True Follower of Christ or an Imposter
  • The Bank for International Settlements, Global Governance and a One-World Economy
  • A Biblical Look at Illegal Immigration
  • The Incredible and Unreasonable Faith of Atheism
  • Evolution-Because They Can Not Allow a Divine Foot in the Door
  • Evolution Applied to the Law
  • What Does the Bible Say About Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, Euthanasia and Gambling?
  • We Believe- Apologetics
  • Training The Heart and Mind of a Child to Follow Christ
  • Education: A Most Powerful Ally of Humanism
  • How is the Worldview of Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, Alice Bailey, John Maynard Keynes, John Dewey, Julius Wellhausen, and Friedrich Nietzsche Impacting Your Life and our Children?
  • Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School
  • John Maynard Keynes and Keynesian Economics
  • What the Bible Has to Say About The Coming One-World Religion, One-World Economy and Global Governance
  • Refuting Evolution
  • What is Societal Evolution and What is Spiritual Evolution?
  • How do we know the Bible is true?
  • How do we know Jesus rose from the dead? How do we know Jesus was God?
  • The Danger and Rise of Ecumenicalism and a One-World Religion and How must Christians Respond?
  • Exposing the Religious Trojan Horse
  • What Are the Goals of the Growing, False Dominate Church?
  • How Will The False Church Respond To Biblically Committed Christians?

and much more.

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