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Posted: 06/19/12

Brannon's guest is Dr. John MacArthur. Question: Do you often find that people will criticize you and characterize you without ever having heard you preach a sermon or having read one of your books?

Question: Why do you believe Rick Warren's seeker sensitive church model is unbiblical?

Question: When Brian McLaren was asked who started the Emergent Church, he credited Leadership Network. The Leadership Network is largely known for pushing the seeker sensitive church model yet McLaren credits them for helping found the Emergent Church. Would you agree that what appears to be the goal is to take a traditional New Testament church and transition it into a seeker sensitive church and then to completely transform the church into the mysticism and Gnosticism of the Emergent Church?

Question: On October 23, 2011, I was really encouraged when in your sermon on the Holy Spirit you exposed the heresy of Cindy Jacobs, Mike Bickle, Lou Engle and C. Peter Wagner. Can you give us some further insight as to why you believe the NAR is a threat to the gospel, and the true church? Are you shocked that so many nationally known pro-family and evangelical leaders are willing to unite in one spiritual enterprise after another with the likes of Bickle, Engle, Wagner and Jacobs such as the American Family Association, Family Research Council and even Dr. James Dobson who recently interviewed Lou Engle?

Question: Evangelical and pro-family leaders are now promoting "Two Weeks for Freedom: Catholics and Evangelicals Together for Freedom." You were very outspoken against the 1994 document, Evangelicals and Catholics Together. Would agree that the "culture war" is being used to build unbiblical and ecumenical alliances to "win" the "culture war"?

Question: I believe that Satan has very cleverly used President Obama and his promotion of tyranny to scare "self-professing" Christians right into the arms of New Age Mormon Glenn Beck and the Church of Rome and ecumenicalism. Would you agree that Satan is using the Hegelian Dialectic Process to build a false church?  

Question: What are your thoughts on the increasing number of reformed teachers such as Tim Keller that recently praised Richard Foster and the writings of Catholic Mystics such as Ignatius of Loyola, and St. Theresa of Ávila? Then then there is Mark Driscoll with his claim that he has visions and can see what has occurred in the past in someone's life. Additionally, why do you think there is such little outrage by Christian leaders over the embracing of mysticism by popular Christian authors and pastors?

Question: Did you ever believe you would see the state of the modern "church" sink to the level that it has? In other words, did you think the Lord would rapture the church before it got this bad or did you expect this in your lifetime? If the Lord does not return in the next 5 to 10 years, what will the modern "church" further accept and promote?

Question: As of today, how many downloads have there been of your sermons since you ministry began offering them on the internet for free?

Question: In a sermon in 2010 at the Shepherds Conference you recommended Ian Murray's book, Evangelicalism Divided. I was impressed with Mr. Murray's research and courage to explain how Billy Graham helped to divide evangelicalism starting back in 1954 when he chose to sponsor his New York crusade with Modernists. You have also spoken from your pulpit several times on Dr. Graham's decisions and their impact on evangelicalism. Can you explain to our audience why you feel it is Biblically necessary to publically talk about the decisions of public men like Billy Graham and how should Christians handle the criticism of those who claim it is not loving?

Question: The May 2012, cover story of Christianity Today is about Heidi Baker. The subtitle of the article reads, "There are credible reports that Heidi Baker heals the deaf and raises the dead." The article declares that "…she claims, scores have risen from the dead, food has been multiplied, the crippled and blind have been restored…" TBN, Daystar and so much of evangelicalism is increasingly into signs and wonders. Would you agree that the lines are increasingly being erased between the signs and wonders crowd and modern-day evangelicalism?

Question: What would be your final words of action and encouragement for our radio audience as they desire to contend for the faith?

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