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The Truth About Money

A biblical worldview for earthly financial crises
By Brannon Howse

How to protect your wealth from a crashing dollar

Fill out the form below to receive a free DVD and two free reports on gold and silver. To celebrate thirty years of inspiring America to rediscover gold, Swiss America has released their "RARE OPPORTUNITY" educational DVD featuring Pat Boone.
  1. RARE OPPORTUNITY will help you understand why today gold still offers excellent buying opportunity for safety first, then profit, as we enter the next stage of this 15-23 year bull market cycle in precious metals.
  2. RARE OPPORTUNITY covers all of the basics investors need before buying gold, including; six major forces driving gold higher, five steps before buying gold and four types of gold worth owning.
  3. RARE OPPORTUNITY features excerpts of CNN, CNBC and FOX NEWS interviews with Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith discussing the bull market in gold and his bestseller, "Rediscovering Gold in the 21st Century".
Register below to request Swiss America's complimentary "Gold Rush Kit" which includes: "Rare Opportunity" educational DVD, "Economic Solutions" CD/newsletter and Gold IRAs FAQ!
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