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Branson 2009


Iran, Israel and the Nuclear Crisis: An Evangelical Christian Perspective

With multiple best-selling books such as Epicenter and Inside the Revolution, Joel Rosenberg is recognized as one of the world's leading experts on the Middle East and Biblical Prophecy. In this timely and easily understood presentation, Joel uses his knowledge and understanding of the unfolding, complicated world events to explain how every individual will be impacted by: 
  1. The coming train wreck in US-Israel relations over Iran
  2. How Shia Islamic eschatology is driving Iranian foreign policy and how Washington is missing it
  3. How the New Testament eschatology differs from Shia eschatology (Mathew 24, Ezekiel 38-39, Jeremiah 49)
  4. Why all of this matters

Sample DVD

The Big, Untold Story in the Middle East:
How the Media is Missing The Most Dramatic Spiritual Awakening in Human History By Joel Rosenberg

Joel explains that there are three groups vying for the hearts and minds of the large middle ground of the Muslim world. These groups include the radicals, the reformers and the revivalists. The radicals are committed to Islam and to Jihad. The reformers are committed to Islam but not to Jihad. The revivalists are not committed to Islam but have converted to Biblical Christianity and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the only way. The revivalists seek to evangelize the Muslim world and fulfill the Great Commission.  Could it be that the media is not covering this dramatic spiritual awakening because it is not politically correct? Joel explains that if even one of these three groups gains the majority, or a working plurality, the entire world will be changed forever for either good or evil. Joel explains why all of this matters, specifically to Christians.

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