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Brannon Howse Worldview Library

6 Books, 17 DVDs (24 Presentations)


Retail Price: $277


6 Books:

Grave Influence
Christian Worldview for Children
Christian Worldview For Students Vol. One
Christian Worldview For Students Vol. Two
Building A Biblical Worldview Verse by Verse
Put Your Beliefs to the Test

17 Keynote Presentations, 24 Presentations

Brannon's keynote presentations include:

Grave Influence: Part One
Grave Influence: Part Two: The Worldview Revolution That's Leading To Global Governance
Grave Influence: Part Three,
An Educational Abduction
Understanding the Perilous Times Part One and Two
Put Your Beliefs To The Test
True and False Conversions
Oprah's New Spirituality, The Emergent Church and the Seduction of Christianity
Three Worldview Trends Seeking to Destroy Your Faith, Family and Freedoms
Code Blue: Hearts and Minds at Risk
Last Days Deception or Biblical Truth
Components of the Religious Trojan Horse
Religious Trojan Horse Part 1, Religion Will Be the Foundation for the New World Order
Religious Trojan Horse Part 2, The Unbiblical Transformation of the Church Through The Communitarian Church Growth Movement
Religious Trojan Horse Part 3,The Dangers of Dominion Theology and The New Apostolic Reformation
Religious Trojan Horse Part 4, The Dangers of The New Apostolic Reformation: Why The Office of Apostle and Prophet Has Ceased
Religous Trojan Horse Part 5 and 6, A Women Rides The Beast

Plus bonus presentations by four other Worldview Weekend Speakers

Free worksheets for each DVD presentation at:

Special Price: $74.95

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