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Three Worldview Trends: Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism, Pagan Spirituality & One World Sp


Brannon reveals five national consequences that come to a nation that continually rejects God. America is experiencing all five of these consequences now. Brannon also reveals how these five national consequences are being manifested through three worldview growing trends- Political Correctness, which is Cultural Marxism, pagan spirituality, and what Brannon calls One World Spirituality.

Political Correctness which is Cultural Marxism came to America when the faculty of the Frankfurt School moved to America in 1933. Thousands that have heard this presentation have reported that they now more clearly understand the times because Brannon gave them a major missing piece of the puzzle.

Pagan spirituality is now doubling in America every eighteen months and finally, through his cutting edge research Brannon reveals that three worldviews have merged to create what he calls One World Spirituality.

Learn how evolutionary humanism, Hindu pantheism and occultism have merged to create a worldview that has implications for every Christian throughout the world. Brannon reveals a Biblical response to these three worldview trends and gives you the hope and understanding that you need to fulfill your Biblical mandate to contend for the faith and occupy until the return of Jesus Christ.

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