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Branson 2008 Five DVD Set

Branson 2008

Only $35.00!

Buy Now

Disc One

Dr. Ron Carlson
Questions of Origins (A two part presentation)

Disc Two

Kay Arthur
Part 1:
Sin Will Take You Farther Than You Wanted to Go

Part 2:
Joy and Peace: It's A Matter of the Mind

Disc Three

David Jeremiah
Looking For That Blessed HOPE

Disc Four

Brannon Howse
Part 1:
Oprah's New Spirituality, The Emergent Church and the Seduction of Christianity

Part 2:
Confronting the Lies of the New Spirituality

Disc Five

Dr. John Ankerberg / Dr. Norman Geisler
Dr. John Ankerberg:
The Case For The Resurrection

Dr. Norman Geisler:
When Skeptics Ask

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