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Branson 2008


Dr. John Ankerberg:
The Case For The Resurrection

Why should we answer the questions of the skeptics? Is truth knowable? What is truth? How we do we refute the lies of the skeptics? How do we reply when the skeptic challenges creationism, the veracity of the Bible, is the Bible complete, the miracles of Jesus and the Deity of Jesus Christ? Dr. Norm Geisler answers all these questions and more in the fast moving presentation that is filled with incredible apologetics and the humor for which Dr. Geisler is so well known.

Dr. Norman Geisler:
When Skeptics Ask

When Jesus was asked by the skeptic and critic of His day to prove that everything He said was true, he told them He would give them the sign of Jonah. Jesus said that He would die, be laid in the ground for three days and then rise again. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation on which Christianity rests. How do we know Jesus was dead when taken down from the cross? How do we know he was not simply unconscious? Where the women and disciples simply at the wrong tomb? Did the disciples steal the body of Jesus and stage a false resurrection? Dr. Ankerberg reveals the overwhelming evidence that Christians serve a risen Lord and He is our blessed Hope.

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