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Question of Origins -- Dr. Ron Carlson

Branson 2008


Questions of Origins (A two part presentation)

Part One:
Dr. Ron Carlson's presentation is cutting edge and even filled with humor that keeps the attention of all ages. Dr. Carlson's presentation will inspire you to be an active contender for Biblical truth in an age of compromise and political correctness.

Part Two:
Dr. Carlson investigates the latest discoveries in Cosmology, Chemistry, and Biology and exposes the evolutionary errors that lead to the acceptance of the molecules-to-man theory. Learn how to quickly refute the evolutionists as they point to micro-evolution as proof of macro-evolution. This presentation presents conclusive evidence that the God of the Bible created the universe and all of life.
Dr. Carlson explains how the mountains were created, what happen to the dinosaurs and explains the evidence found in the geological record that is proof of a global flood.

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