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Crisis in the Church: Confronting the Spiritual Confusion
Dr. Ron Carlson

In this cutting-edge presentation, Dr. Ron Carlson reveals the unbiblical and dangerous trends that are creating a spiritual crisis in the American church. Once well-known evangelical churches now offer Christian Yoga classes. Christian authors write best-selling books that encourage Christians to practice contemplative prayer or transcendental meditation. The prosperity gospel has never been more popular and the Emergent Church with it's theology of pluralism and universalism are vying for the hearts of millions of adults and students.

Click here for sample of presentation by Dr. Ron Carlson

True / False Conversions: Why Students are Denying the Faith and Churched Adults Think and Act Like the World
Brannon Howse

Despite being raised in a Christian home, a Bible teaching church and even a Christian school, Brannon was a false convert until he was an adult. Brannon has had hundreds of adults tell him that his story is identical to theirs. How did Brannon's praying of the "sinner's prayer", at the age of five and being baptized at the age of seven, set him up for a false conversion? What was it that caused Brannon to realize he was a false convert? How can you use this knowledge with your own children and grand-children, as you seek to train their hearts and minds to follow Christ?

Click here for sample of presentation by Brannon Howse

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