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The Dangers of Open Theism

Norm Geisler

As America heads toward criminalizing Christianity, what can we learn from Christian martyrs of the past and did their courage and convictions change the course of history and even impact our lives today? You will sit on the edge of your seat as you hear the accounts of how Christian men and women had the courage of their convictions and refused to cease the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ even when confronted with being burned at the stake, stretched in the rack or being beheaded.

When Critics Ask

Norm Geisler

This comprehensive presentation offers you clear and concise answers to major Bible difficulty from Genesis to Revelation, so you can staunchly defend the authority and inspiration of Scripture. Presented in a problem format, Dr. Geisler covers a few of over 800 questions, which critics and doubters raise about the Bible. These friendly answers to tough questions will enable you to more readily give a defense for the hope that is within you.

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