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10 Most Asked Questions About Creation and Evolution

The age of the earth - does it matter?
Is there evidence for an infinite God?
Six literal days or long periods of time?
Is there any evidence for a young world?
Where did Cain find his wife?
How did the different "races" of people come about?
How do dinosaurs fit with the Bible?
How could Noah fit all the animals on the Ark?
Did God use the Big Bang?
Can Christians believe in evolution?

Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture

The key to developing a Christian worldview is to use the Bible's history, encompassing geology, astronomy, biology, etc., as a pair of 'biblical glasses.' The Bible's history can be used to connect the past to the present.

We can then use observational science to confirm this biblical interpretation. The same foundation of history is also foundational to understanding the gospel, Christian morality and much more.

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