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Brannon Howse / Voddie Baucham Jr. DVD

Branson 07 DVD


Click Here For A Video Sample ByBrannon Howse

Click Here For A Video Sample ByDr. Voddie Baucham

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Code Blue: Hearts and Minds at Risk
By Brannon Howse

In this presentation Brannon covers such topics as: Why only 4% of self-professing adults have a Biblical worldview - Why 69% - 94% of students are leaving church after high school and not returning. Why teaching biblical doctrine is the solution to these problems. How Biblical doctrine brings discernment and reveals the will of God for our lives. Why there has been a huge falling away from Biblical truth. How false teaching, such as the Emergent Church, is destroying lives. Why Biblical doctrine is not boring. Why Biblical doctrine should be taught early. Why the church is filled with so many false converts and the consequences parents are reaping for raising entertainment and sports obsessed children.

Why I Choose to Believe The Bible
By Voddie Baucham Jr.

Voddie is one of the most passionate and gifted speakers you will ever hear! After delivering this keynote presentation, Voddie received the longest standing ovation, to date, in Worldview Weekend's history. In this presentation Voddie will cover such topics as: Why the Bible is a reliable collection of historical documents. How the Bible is validated by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses. The supernatural events that took place in fulfillment of specific prophesies. How we know the Bible is Divine rather than human in origin, and more.

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