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Click Here For A Video Sample By Michael Reagan

Twice Adopted
Loved by a President, Redeemed by God

Enraged for 30 years over a personal atrocity he thought was all God's fault, Michael Reagan lived an excruciating secret nightmare until he accepted Christ as his ultimate source of healing, not hurt. Despite being the son of one of America's greatest presidents, Michael Reagan was afraid of his own history and place in the Reagan family until the King of Kings adopted him into his family.

With heart-wrenching candor, Michael tells the tragic childhood story of his abuse at the hands of a pitiless child molester. Through his riveting account, you'll experience Michael's private agony along with the exhilarating joy of seeing God turn his mourning into rejoicing.

Michael Reagan is the oldest son of the late President Ronald Reagan and host of "The Michael Reagan Show", heard daily on more than 200 radio stations nationwide. He has authored many popular books including "The Common Sense of an Uncommon Man", "Michael Reagan Making Waves", "The City on the Hill", "On the Outside Looking In", and "Twice Adopted".

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