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Bob Cornuke and David Limbaugh DVD

Branson 2006 DVD


Click Here For A Video Sample By Bob Cornuke

Click Here For A Video Sample By David Limbaugh

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Dr. Bob Cornuke - Archeological Evidence That Confirms the Bible

Bob Cornuke is a former crime-scene investigator that now uses the Bible as a literal guide and a compass to try and find lost biblical locations and artifacts. Bob has been featured on such national outlets as Dateline NBC, The History Channel, Fox News Channel, National Geographic Television and, Good Morning America .Whether it is Bob's confirmation of the real Mt. Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments, the discovery of the lost anchors of Paul from his shipwreck in Malta or Bob's quest for Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant, his main purpose is to reveal to the world the 100% accuracy of the Bible. Bob also desires to use his explorations, adventures and presentations to encourage the Christian Church to boldly proclaim truth to the skeptics and critics of Christianity. From students to senior citizens, Bob has consistently been one of Worldview Weekend's most popular speakers and this DVD reveals why.

Dr. David Limbaugh - Reclaiming Truth in a Postmodern Culture

New York Times Best Selling author, syndicated columnists and brother of Rush Limbaugh takes on the postmodern elite that are destroying our nation. As a former skeptic and critic of Christianity David Limbaugh took his skills as an attorney and put Christianity on trial in his own private study. Today, David is one of the nation's leading defenders of Biblical truth. In this keynote presentation David discusses: the fallacy and lie of postmodernism, the uniqueness of Christianity and how we know it is true, why Christianity is the only non-works based religion, why Christianity is not an arrogant religion, the scriptural affirmation of absolute truth, why Christians are not intolerant, the lie of pluralism, legislating morality, why we can not dilute the Gospel in the face of postmodernism, the scriptural basis for rejecting false teachers, why we must proclaim truth without apology and more.

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