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You will notice there is a box on the Situation Room homepage that is for an access code. You donít need an access code if you purchased the Situation Room online. The access code is ONLY for people that purchased a Situation Room card at a conference or through the mail. Those that purchased the Situation Room online only need to use their e-mail address and they password they chose when setting up their account.

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Over 1,000 Episodes of Worldview Weekend Radio with Brannon Howse on Such Topics As:

The dangers of the Emergent Church, Why evil and injustice do not negate the reality of a good God; Why the Bible can be trusted, Why Darwinian evolution is a lie, the liberal myth of "separation of church and state" as defined by the ACLU, The authenticity of Jesus' resurrection, What the fossil record really reveals, The myth of global warming, How dramatically crime would increase if guns were outlawed, Just Being Sorry Does Not Make You Saved, Secular Humanism is a Religion, Ten Hallmarks of a True Convert of Jesus Christ , Judging Rightly Is Okay, Religion and Law Go Hand in Hand, Good Reason to Believe God Exists, People Aren't Good by Nature, A Racists Founded Planned Parenthood, Doctrine is Not Boring by a Strong Mooring, Education: The Humanist's First Priority, The Deadliest Worldview: Christianity or Secular Humanism?, As Our Founders Intended, Religion Should Be Kept Away from Public Life, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Exists to Protect America's Fundamental Freedoms, The "Separation of Church and State" The Myth of Global Warming, Fossil, Fossil, Who's Got the Fossil?, Alfred Kinsey and the Real Source of America's "Sexual Freedom" , Is Socialism Is the Fairest Possible Economic System?, Is the Secular Left "Neutral" With No Religious Agenda?, The Lie That State Sponsored Gambling Good for the Economy and Harms No One, Why the Ten Commandments Still Matter, Preying on the National Flock: Lawyers in Judge's Clothing, There Is an Objective Basis for Law, What Sets the Bible Apart?, God's Plan for Good Government, Why Not Everyone Goes to Heaven, The Dangers of the Church Growth Movement and The Seeker Sensitive Movement As Promoted by Rick Warren, What Do Mormons Believe?, Why Replacement Theology is Dangerous, The Real Meaning Behind the Peace Symbol, The History and Goals of the Council on Foreign Relations, A Biblical Analysis of Illegal Immigration,

Additional Topic Covered Include: Corporate fascism, sustainable development, the Third Way, global governance, dialectic process, the Delphi technique, the Cloward-Piven Strategy and deliberate chaos, community organizing, Fabian socialism, the federal reserve and a fiat currency, America's decline is Europe's gain, cultural Marxism, government mandated youth service, legal positivism, postmodernism, soft-despotism, higher-criticism, pagan spirituality, feminism, welfare-state capitalism, the false-dominate church, the Emergent Church, the spiritual battle for America, the United Nations and occultism, unmasking the one-world religion, the deconstructionists in the culture and in the church, psychological labeling of dissenters, behavior modification, a planned economy, the assault on parental authority, the two tracks to globalism, Keynesian economics, collectivism, similarities between America and Nazi Germany, national leaders are a reflection of the people, social justice, why the culture war is lost if the church goes weak, is God judging America?, When and why does God judge a nation?, the environmentalist/globalist connection, cultural revolution/sexual revolution, the right to die becomes the duty to die, the true purpose of the law, why the State wants the children, are we all God's children? The dangers of Islam, The Goals of Communism, Why Dominion Theology is Unbiblical, And much, much more.

Click here to read the descriptions of all 1200 plus radio program. We add five new programs each week.

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