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Click Here For A Video Sample By Dr. Frank Harber

Click Here For A Video Sample By Kerby Anderson

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The Incredible Faith of Atheism
Dr. Frank Harber

Some believe that atheism is the absence of faith but atheism requires much greater faith than any Christian could exercise. Christianity does not require ignorant faith, but intelligent faith. As a former atheist, Dr. Harber is one of America's leading defenders of Christianity.

The Danger and Error of the Da Vinci Deception
Kerby Anderson

The Da Vinci Code is one of the best selling books of all time. Millions have read the book and will see the movie and hear the false claims about Jesus Christ. We are called to tear down the false arguments of men against God. Learn how to refute the blasphemy of the Da Vinci Code and how to lead the reader to the real Jesus Christ.

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