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Click Here For A Video Sample By Sean McDowell

Click Here For A Video Sample By Josh McDowell

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Truth or Tragedy
by Sean McDowell

Our culture today is facing a crisis of truth. Today 80% of the US population no longer believes in the existence of absolute truth.The concept of universal truth has given way to the postmodern idea that all truth is either unknowable or nonexistent. Sean will guide you toward the certain conclusion that truth exists and has been revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

Judge, Not Lest You Be Judged
By Josh McDowell

Judge not lest you be judged has become the most misquoted Bible verse in the world. What is the real meaning of this verse? Why are Christians to judge? What is today's definition of tolerance and respect? What is postmodernism? How do we define truth? Why is it important that we understand the Bible is a reflection of the character and nature of God?

Josh McDowell's current Beyond Belief campaign message provides a revolutionary blueprint to raise up a generation of transformed followers of Christ who know why they believe and how to live what they believe. For more resources, visit

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