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Calling America Back To The Bible
Dr. Woodrow Kroll

Dr. Kroll will offer practical suggestions on how you can make Bible-centeredness a vital part of your life in our postmodern, post-Christian culture. Learn about the influence the Bible has had on our Founding Fathers, Presidents, patriots, poets, philosophers, and past educational system. This is a great session on the relevance and accuracy of the Bible and the need to not compromise Biblical truth in our homes or churches.

Seeking Pleasure or Seeking After God: The Dangers of a Hedonistic Worldview
Dr. David Jeremiah

Ads in magazines, on billboards and on television promise pleasure, popularity and fulfillment if you purchase their clothes, cars, cruise or cuisine. The richest man that ever lived tried everything in his quest for pleasure and at the end, King Solomon declared it all vanity. Discover the true source of meaningful living and the consequences of a hedonistic worldview.

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