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Twisted Scripture Twisted Theology (3 DVD SET)

9, 48-Minute Television Programs on 3 DVDs


Twisted Scripture, Twisted Theology DVD Series

Brannon Howse Untangles 41 of the Most Twisted Scriptures that Lead to Bad Theology and an Unbiblical Worldview

9, 48-Minute Television Programs on 3 DVDs

One of the greatest problems in the church today is that very few people read and study Godís Word. For those that do read and study Godís Word, a vast majority study and quote the Bible out of context and thus develop a twisted theology and worldview.

After years of hearing verses quoted out of context in sermons, articles, radio programs, and television programs Brannon has complied 41 of the most commonly twisted Scriptures and untwists them using Scripture and proper exegesis and hermeneutics.

This DVD series is presented with the layperson and young person in mind but this DVD will also be a valuable resource for pastors, Sunday school teachers, Bible study leaders, and those that consider themselves mature in the faith and Biblically grounded or desire to be so.

Clip #1:

Clip #2:

Clip #3:

Some of the 41 verses Brannon untangles include:

  • Why Acts 2:44-46 does not teach that the New Testament church was promoting and practicing socialism
  • Why Matthew 25:34-40 is not a call for Christians to be involved in social justice also known as the social gospel.
  • Why Psalm 46:10 is not about prayer and does not instruct Christians to be still and hear the audible voice of God.
  • Why 1 Kings 19:12 is speaking about the Prophet Elijah and does not apply to us today and thus we are not to listen for the audible and still small voice of God.
  • Why Matthew 18:20 is not teaching that two or more Christians must be assembled together for the Lord to be in their midst.
  • Why Psalm 105:15, that speaks of touching not Godís anointed, does not teach that Christians are not to speak out against false teachers or even pastors that are in error.
  • Why Acts 2:38, which speaks of being baptized for the remission of sins, does not teach Baptismal regeneration. The examination of this verse is a perfect example of the absolute necessity to study the Word of God in context, use Scripture to confirm and interpret scripture and to study the original text where a simple preposition or verb can change the entire meaning of a verse.

2 Peter 3:16-17 declares that some people that are untaught and unstable will twist the Word of God to their ultimate and eternal destruction. You do not want to be that person! 2 Timothy 3:17 says that through the proper study of Godís Word, a Christian can be complete and thoroughly equipped for every good work. You do want to be that person and start by untwisting any scriptures you have unknowingly twisted.

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