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Jerusalem: The city of Creation, Conflict and Controversy

Jerusalem is in so many ways the center of the world’s attention and rightfully. Jerusalem is the political and spiritual capital of the Jewish people. Jerusalem was the focus during the Babylonian conflict (2 Chronicles 36), Roman conflict (Matthew 24 and Luke 21:24) and will be of a coming world-wide Conflict (Revelation 16: 13-16). Jerusalem will be the city of conflict at the beginning of the tribulation (Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11: 40-45, Psalms 83 and Joel 2:3), during the tribulation (Revelation 13 and Daniel 9: 27 and the end of the tribulation (Zechariah 14: 2-5).

God’s Plan For The Jewish People by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

The Ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel, though he was a prophet, actually pre-wrote history for the Jewish people in the last portion of his prophetic book in the Bible. In chapters 33-48, Ezekiel lays out the events of the last days for the Jewish people, which, when it is put alongside current events, seems to be evidence that these prophecies are near fulfillment. Ezekiel foretold of the Celebration of a Jewish State, the Coalition of Islamic States, the Conflict between Two Brothers, the Confirmation of a Peace Treaty and the Commitment to a Jewish Temple. A study of these prophetic passages should alert you to the nearness of the second coming of Christ; however, I hasten to remind you that before Jesus comes back to the earth, the rapture of the church will take place - when the Lord calls Christians to the heavens to be with Him forevermore.

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