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Hirelings Vs. Shepherds DVD

By Brannon Howse


Normally: $29.99
Special Price: $19.99

Hirelings Versus Shepherds and the Biblical Model of A New Testament Church

These are just brief descriptions of the content contained in this two DVD set of four television
programs. These programs are so rich in Biblical instruction that space will not allow a comprehensive
description of each program. If you want to earnestly contend for the faith and oppose the false
teaching of those that are redefining the purpose and goal of a Biblical pastor and a Biblical New
Testament Church then you will want to view these programs.

Hirelings Versus Shepherds (Part One): Brannon plays a shocking video clip of a pastor mocking those
in his church that want to go deeper into the study of God’s Word by calling them babies and selfish.
You have to see this video clip to fully understand the mean and spiteful remarks by this hireling toward
God’s people. Are those that want to go deeper into God’s Word being selfish or actually the opposite
of selfish? How do hirelings manipulate, marginalize, and characterize Biblical Christians so they either
leave their “church” or embrace the unbiblical model of their church?

Hirelings Versus Shepherds (Part Two): Brannon begins to layout, from the Scriptures, the
characteristics of a hireling versus the characteristics of a pastor/shepherd. See the video of a pastor
that believes that the church should look to pop culture to address the needs of the community.
Brannon explains why churches are not called to look to pop culture and why is it not the calling of
the church to reach the felt needs of the community or of unbelievers? Brannon plays a video clip of a
Biblical shepherd explaining why the focus must be the Word of God. See the video clip of Perry Noble
talking about how he prepares for sermons by listening to certain comedians and then how he tries out
his material before taking the “stage.” ”

The Biblical Model of a New Testament Church (Part One): Brannon begins to layout from the Word
of God the characteristics of a New Testament church that are rejected by hirelings. Brannon plays a
video clip of Rick Warren declaring that the annual campaign is the number one way to grow a church.
Brannon then plays a video clip of Warren explaining how he learned about the annual campaign from
the communists and who had an understanding of how to create converts. Brannon explains why he
believes that many of today’s hirelings are really promoting a “new kind of Christianity” and “new kind
of church” that is based on communism lite. Communitarianism is Communism lite. Rick Warren’s three
legged stool is communitarianism. See the video clip of Ed Young Jr. and a CNN reporter that seems
shocked by his series on sex and his having a toilet on his church platform. Brannon plays additional
stunning video clips of the things hirelings do to appeal to the felt needs of unbelievers as they have
turned the church on its head and rejected the Biblical model and mandate of a New Testament church.

The Biblical Model of a New Testament Church (Part Two): Brannon completes the list of the Biblical
characteristics of a New Testament church that are rejected by hirelings. One of the characteristics of a
New Testament church is church discipline. How and why should church discipline be performed? Why
do hirelings not want to preform church discipline? How does church discipline impact attendance and
thus cause hirelings to reject church discipline? Why is church discipline actually a loving act?

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