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40 Worldview Weekend DVDs for $49.99

Inventory Blowout


40 Worldview Weekend DVDs for $49.99
Normal retail $600

Because so many people have joined the Situation Room, there is less of a need and demand for actual DVDs. Thus, we are having a sale in order to get our DVD inventory down. We have never offered this set of DVDs at these prices and when supplies are gone this special offer ends. Donít delay.

DVDs include:

The Biblical Answer to Racism by Ken Ham
Already Gone by Ken Ham
Question of Origins by Ron Carlson
Last Days Deception or Biblical Truth by Brannon Howse
Getting Back to the Bible by Woodrow Kroll
Seeking God or Seeking Pleasure
Surviving Hitlerís Holocaust by Anita Dittman
Three Worldview Trends by Brannon Howse
Hearts and Minds at Risk by Brannon Howse
Why I Choose to Believe the Bible by Voddie Baucham Jr.
10 Most Asked Questions About Creation and Evolution by Ken Ham
Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming The Culture
Heaven: Where God Will Bring Good Out of Bad by Randy Alcorn
Ask Randy Alcorn
Understanding the Hard Sayings of Jesus by Michael Youssef
Countering the Lies About Jesus Christ and God by Erwin Lutzer
The Danger of the Da Vinci Deception by Kerby Anderson
Oprahís New Spirituality, The Emergent Church and the Seduction of Christianity by Brannon Howse
Confronting the Lies of The New Spirituality by Brannon Howse
Continuing My Familyís Spiritual Legacy by Steve Saint
Preparing For Your Flight out of this World by Russell Quinn
What is Right in America by David Noebel
What is in and What is Out on Americaís High School and College Campus by David Noebel
Soundly Saved by Kirk Cameron
How to Bring a Child to Christ and Keep them There by Ray Comfort
My Journey in and Out of the Emergent Church by Jason Carlson
Luke Warm No More by Mark Cahill
When Critics Ask by Norm Geisler
The Dangers of Open Theism by Norm Geisler
The Coming Persecution in the West by John Joeffler
Revealing the Truth About the Quran by Usama Dakdok
Six Worldviews That Rule the World by David Noebel
Truth or Tragedy by Sean McDowell
Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged: The Most Misquoted Verse by Josh McDowell
Twice Adopted by Michael Reagan
50 Reasons Why We are Living in the End Times
Psalm 2: The King is Coming
Left by Dr. Jerry Vines
Taken by Dr. Jerry Vines
The Big Untold Story in the Middle East by Joel Rosenberg
Iran, Israel and the Nuclear Crisis by Joel Rosenberg
Worldview Weekend Intelligence Briefing DVDs 1-5
The Politically Incorrect Truth About Islam by Kerby Anderson
From Terrors to Triumph by Marshall Foster
The Case for the Resurrection by John Ankerberg
When Skeptics Ask by Norm Geisler
Finding Strength in the Journey
Matthew 24: Jesusí End Times Prophcies
Looking For That Blessed Hope
When a Nation Does Not Listen to God by Kay Arthur
Standing Firm in the Last Days by Kay Arthur
The Worldview War of Islam by Usama Dakdok
Why Being Good is not Good Enough by Candance Cameron
Put Your Beliefs to the Test by Brannon Howse
Archeological Evidence That Confirms the Bible by Bob Cornuke
Reclaiming Truth in a Postmodern Culture by David Limbaugh
How to Keep the Secular Humanist Worldview from Harming Your Family
The Impact of Your Worldview by Star Parker
Sin Will Take You Farther Than you Want to Go by Kay Arthur
Joy and Peace: Itís a Matter of the Mind by Kay Arthur
You can still Trust the Communists to be Communists by David Noebel

(DVDs subject to be substituted by another DVD if we sell out of a certain DVD)

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