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Globalism, Interfaithism and Technocracy

By Brannon Howse and Carl Teichrib


A Biblical Examination of and Response to Globalism, Interfaithism and Technocracy

Sale price: $19.99
Normally: $29.99

As the host of the international television program, The Worldview Weekend Hour; Brannon is joined by researcher and author Carl Teichrib. Brannon and Carl provide a Biblical examination, critique, and response to three complimentary and connected trends that are transforming the world—globalism, interfaithism, and technocracy.

Globalism is an agenda that includes, but not limited to, a mixture of New Age Spirituality, radical environmentalism, socialism mixed with capitalism for the creation of welfare-state-capitalism, a world political authority, a global tax, an international military and a world court. Interfaithism involves the world’s anti- Biblical worldviews merging for the creation of a one-world religion as described in Revelation 17. Technocracy involves national and international committees of “experts”, “managers” or technicians that work within a variety of fields such as media, military, medicine, environmentalism, education, economics, spirituality, public policy, and law. These “technicians” will use a mixture of technology, international laws and international treaties (such as Agenda 21 and sustainable development), psychological behavior modification, manipulation, corporate fascism and spiritualism to create a global community that will be hailed as heaven on earth. A group of world administrators or global elite administrate their global agenda through technicians and politicians that share their worldview and utopian dream.

Through this nearly four hour interview, Brannon and Carl explain how these three trends were birthed in Genesis three with the lie of Satan and by Genesis six was we see the first attempt at a humanistic world religion and one-world government at the Tower of Babel. While their goal was thwarted by God, this has not kept sinful man from trying to build this global kingdom on numerous occasions throughout world history. However, the scripture tells us that there will be a point in time in which God will allow Satan and sinful man to build a one-world religion, one-world economy, and a one-world government to be led by a one-world leader. Are we even now in our life time witnessing the creation and rise of Satan’s earthly kingdom that God Himself will ultimately destroy as described in Daniel 2? "

From the Tower of Babel to the 'Palace of the Soviets,' from Hendrik Andersen's 'Tower of Progress' to the European Union Parliament in Strasbourg, the idea of 'power in human unity' courses through time. This attempt of 'power in unity' is displayed in the formation of the Tower of Babel, and its symbolism is still used today as a rallying banner for international enlightenment. Now, moving beyond the symbolic, mankind is again attempting to unify - politically, economically, and spiritually.

Most individuals are unaware of the worldviews, philosophies, and ideas that are being served up to them, their children and grandchildren through a highly organized, agenda that has been increasingly out in the open since at least the 1800s. Are you being conformed to this world or transformed through the renewing of your mind as you study God’s Word that you might prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God? (Romans 12:2) Are you being cheated by the philosophes of men that are not according to Christ? (Colossians 2:8) Don’t see the world in unconnected bits and pieces but see and understand the big picture and how God would have you to respond. This nearly four hour DVD will assist you in that goal.

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