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Religious Trojan Horse DVD Set

By Brannon Howse


Religious Trojan Horse DVD Set

6 DVDs, 16 Presentations

Sale: $42.00 (Retail Price $90.00)

DVD #1 Components of the Religious Trojan Horse, (Two Presentations)

This presentation is filled with what the Word of God has to say about the coming one-world religion, one-world economy, one-world government, and how Christians should Biblically guard themselves, their families, and the flock from the dangerous components of the religious Trojan horse that include: The Hegelian Dialectic Process, Fabian Socialism, Communitarianism, Communitarian Church Growth Movement, Globalism, Public-Private Partnerships, Neo-Evangelicals, Pagan Spirituality, Occultism, Radical Environmentalism, Tolerance o Pluralism, Religious Syncretism, Spiritual Evolution, Darwinian Evolution, Social Justice, Social Gospel, Dominion Theology, New Apostolic Reformation, Masking Term, Manifested Sons of God, Pragmatism, Patriotic Ecumenicalism, Twisting and Distorting the Word of God, Lack of Biblical Discernment, False Teachers, The United Nations, The Church of Rome

DVD #2: (Two Presentations)

Religion Will Be the Foundation for the New World Order The Unbiblical Transformation of the Church Through The Communitarian Church Growth Movement

DVD #3: (Two Presentations)

The Dangers of Dominion Theology and The New Apostolic Reformation The Dangers of The New Apostolic Reformation: Why The Office of Apostle and Prophet Has Ceased

DVD #4: (Two Presentations)

A Woman Rides The Beast: How the Church of Rome, Protestants, Hindus, and All the World’s Religions Are Becoming One A Woman Rides The Beast: How The Church of Rome, Protestant Leaders, New Agers, and The United Nations are Building a One-World Religion

DVD #5 (Four Presentations)

Presentation 1-3: Exposing The Heresy of the Word of Faith & Prosperity Gospel Preachers Through Their Own Words Presentation 4: Justin Peters Explains Why Stories of Trips To Heaven Do Not Line up With the Bible

DVD #6: (Four Presentations)

Presentation #1: Did The Church of Rome Murder Over 50 Million Christians For Preaching the Gospel and Translating The Bible into English? Presentation #2: The Jesuits, The Church of Rome, and the Ongoing Counter Reformation. Presentation #3: Founding Fathers That Were Hostile To The Gospel & The Dangers of Patriotic Ecumenicalism Presentation #4: Freemasonry and the Architecture in Washington D.C.

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