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The greatest evidence that we are living in the last days by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

The world today is changing from moment to moment and if we are to have a proper worldview it must not only be based on the Word of God, but also the passages in the scriptures that lay out for us the end of time scenario that God wants us all to know and understand in these days.

In the Middle East we can see many geopolitical events happening that seem to be setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled. There is an alignment of the Middle Eastern nations, the Arab and the Muslim nations, that are forming a co-olation that is making ready to attack the Jewish state of Israel.

At the same time there are other nations that are working to bring peace to the Middle East, even as the conflict only intensifies. With the withdrawal of the American soldiers from Iraq in December of 2011 we see the insurgency getting stronger in Iraq as the war-torn nations tries to rebuild.

But most significant in the evidence that helps us to know that we are living in the last days is the fact that while all of these activities are happening around the Jewish people in Israel they are working to make all preparations for the building of the next Jewish Temple to be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. There is only one thing for the Jewish people to do before they can build the next Temple, they must clear off the location where the Temple will be built, the Temple Mount must be cleared of any buildings that stand there today. All other preparations have been made and the Jews are ready to rebuild the Temple.

Heaven: today, tomorrow and forever by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

There are a number of books that have been written recently about the subject of "heaven". I have read most of them and I have some concerns that these books include some ideas that don't seem to jell with the book that is the authority on "heaven", the Bible. We will look at what the Bible says about Heaven, today, tomorrow and forever.

Revelation 4-5 gives a "window" that allows us to look into the third Heaven and it is revealing what one can see that in happening there today. It will be surprising to see that Jesus is not seated on the "throne" in the Third Heaven. We shall answer the question, "Who is seated on the Throne in the Third Heaven today?"

What about Heaven tomorrow, will it still be in the area of the Third Heaven or will it be on the Earth. If it is on the Earth who will be in the Third Heaven? Will the "Lord's Prayer" be answered in the Kingdom to come? These are all questions that deal with Heaven Tomorrow.

The book of Revelation deals with Heaven Forever and where God and Jesus will be located in eternity future. Revelation 21-22 have all the details and will even give us what we need to know about what we will be doing for eternity and what our job description will be forever. This is a study you do not want to miss.

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