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Rome’s Strategy for a One World Religion
By Mike Gendron

Many people are unaware of the well-defined strategy the Roman Catholic religion is using to unite all people under the power and influence of the pope. Prophecies from Catholic saints and mystics foretell of a pope who will convert the world to Catholicism making it the only religion. A great Catholic monarch will rule the whole world and together with the pope they will usher in a period of enlightenment, peace and prosperity.

Rome's strategy for a global religion includes:

1) proclaim all roads lead to Rome and urge “separated brethren” to come home for the fullness of salvation; 2) use postmodernism to make doctrines ambiguous, vague and acceptable to all; 3) beguile and confuse protestants with Catholic mystics and contemplative spirituality; 4) seduce highly visible evangelicals to promote Catholicism as a valid expression of Christianity; and 5) use messages from apparitions of Mary, along with other signs and wonders, to unite all people for world peace.

Every Christian needs to put on the armor of God and fight the good fight of faith against the powers of darkness. This message will help prepare them for the spiritual battles they will face.

About Mike Gendron:

For 34 years Evangelist Mike Gendron was a devout Roman Catholic and a strong defender of the "one true church." In 1981, at an evangelistic seminar, Mike heard for the first time that salvation is not by works or sacraments but by grace through faith in Jesus Christ! He also discovered the Bible must become his authority in all matters of faith. After graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1991, Mike began this ministry to reach the many Catholics who are where he was for most of his life - believing he was heaven-bound but, in reality, destined for a Christ-less eternity. Mike in recognized internationally as being gifted at lovingly explaining the false teaching of the Church of Rome and why their doctrines are wrong according to the Word of God. Mike’s presentation will give you the Biblical truth you need to lovingly contend for the faith as you share the gospel with your family and friends that are deceived by the Church of Rome.

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