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Dr. David Noebel and Dr. John Whitcomb Branson 2012


The Evidence For a World-Wide Flood by Dr. John Whitcomb

In this informative presentation, author and theologian Dr. John Whitcomb shows how the evidence that we see in the natural world aligns with Biblical statements regarding the status of the earth's surface following the Noahic Flood. Dr. Whitcomb, an Old Testament scholar for more than 60 years and the co-author with the late Dr. Henry Morris of "The Genesis Flood," gives insights into a number of passages that shed light on the greatest universal catastrophe that the world has yet seen. This talk will engage your heart and mind with the truth of Scripture on this vital subject. Learn from one of the founders of the modern Biblical creationism movement--Dr. John Whitcomb.

How the Worldview of Marxism Lives On and How and Why Christians Must Oppose This Evil Worldview By Dr. David Noebel

In this presentation, delivered in typical David Noebel style that includes lots of facts, quotes, and humor, you will come to understand that Marxism is far from a dead worldview but one that is very much alive hiding under different names within the areas of education, government, religion, unions, media, and economic policy. The Communists set up camp in the United States with both an above ground operation and an underground operation.

Dr. Noebel beings his presentation by revealing that far from promoting socialism as some claim of Acts 5, Peter denounces socialism. Donít be fooled by the socialist/communist crowd that the early Christians were socialists and communists. Even Frederick Engels knew better and instructed his fellow communists not to use the Bible to prove socialism because the Bible does not teach such a doctrine.

The many facets of Marxism or Communism are nearly breath taking and take us from Marx and Engels through Lenin and Stalin, Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School, through George Bernard Shaw and John Maynard Keynes onto John Dewey and the League for Industrial Democracy; Armand Hammer and Bill Ayers and the followers of the Students for a Democratic Society right into the present White House, the leftwing or the San Francisco/Harvard blend of the Democrat Party, the U.S. House of Representative with its own Red Army centered around Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic Socialists of America, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and her pro-Castro cadre (sometimes called the Congressional Black Caucus).

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