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Religious Trojan Horse DVDs #11-14 With Brannon Howse & Chris Pinto

With Brannon Howse


Brannon Howse interviews Church Historian, Talk-Show Host, and Investigative Journalist Chris Pinto On:

Interview #1: Did The Church of Rome Murder Over 50 Million Christians For Preaching the Gospel and Translating The Bible into English?

Did The Church of Rome Murder Over 50 Million Christians For Preaching the Gospel and Translating The Bible into English? Why did the Church of Rome seek to prosecute John Wycliffe until his death and why did the Church of Rome burn at the stake William Tyndale? Both Wycliffe and Tyndale were Catholic priests that studied the Bible and came to understand that salvation was through Jesus Christ alone and not by works or the false doctrines of the Church of Rome. Men like Wycliffe and Tyndale helped to start the reformation and spread the Biblical gospel throughout the world. Millions of Christians have laid down their lives to defend the Word of God and we must give our lives to contend for the Word. Learn and be inspired by the church history that has been forgotten by several generations.

Interview #2: The Jesuits, The Church of Rome, and the Ongoing Counter Reformation.

In 1973, TIME magazine reported on the history of the Jesuits and their influence that has spread into many powerful places and institutions since being established in the mid-1500s.  The Catholic Jesuit Order reports directly to the Pope. Hear the oath the higher Jesuits swear to that includes “waging relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants…as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth…” Jesuits are committed to ecumenicalism, social justice/liberation theology, dominion theology, environmentalism, and mysticism, that seeks to create a world government controlled by the Church of Rome. Learn about the logo of Jesuit University, Georgetown and the meaning of this logo. In 2008, the Jesuit Superior General was quoted in a Catholic News Agency as calling for giving liberation theology more time to be accepted. Learn how Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is known as one of the early leaders of the New Age Movement and how he greatly influenced the leaders of the United Nations and their quest for a cosmic global government. Brannon and Chris discuss how the Jesuit Order secretly penetrates political organizations, educational institutions and media outlets. Most disturbing is their infiltration into protestant denominations, seminaries and organizations in order to introduce and promote the mysticism of the Church of Rome such as contemplative prayer, walking a prayer labyrinth, lectio divina, and prayer ropes in an attempt to move the world religions back to the Church of Rome.


Interview #3: Founding Fathers That Were Hostile To The Gospel & The Dangers of Patriotic Ecumenicalism

American indeed has a Christian heritage if you study the 150 year heritage of the Pilgrims and Colonies. However, to claim that all of America’s Founding Fathers were Christians is historically and factually wrong. In fact, a few of the leading pastors of the Founding Father’s era were concerned with the unbiblical worldview of some of America’s leading founders. In this presentation Chris and Brannon explain how some of America’s leading Founding Fathers were actually hostile to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Chris and Brannon explain the dangers of the Church being co-opted by politicians that claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ but are actually enemies of the Church of Jesus Christ.


Interview #4: Freemasonry and the Architecture in Washington D.C.

In this presentation Chris and Brannon examine some of the Architecture in Washington that clearly promotes pagan spirituality. You will also see video footage of a Freemason Grand Master laying a ceremonial cornerstone at the U.S. Capitol by placing wine, oil and corn on the cornerstone. In this presentation the Grand Master boasts that Freemasons have laid the cornerstone of every major building in Washington D.C. What is the significant of oil, wine, and corn?  How is this pagan ritual connected to Hosea 2:8 in which the oil, wine, and corn are offered to Baal? Christians must be aware of not attributing as Christian those things that are lifted up against the principles of the Lord.

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