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Note: These DVDs are from our April 29, 30, & May 1, 2011 Branson Worldview Weekend. These DVDs are now at the duplicator in AZ and when they arrive to our office in TN they will be shipped to you. The estimated Shipping date is June 28th.

In this presentation Dr. David Noebel reveals how communism is still very much alive and being implemented in America and around the world. While communism is often mixed with capitalism to create a welfare-state-capitalism, freedom robbing tyranny is still the same end result. Communism should be on the junk heap of history, but unfortunately that is not the case. Communism continues to ride its wave into the 21st century. We are only fooling ourselves if we fail to understand this evil menace in its total worldview implications-atheism, dialectical materialism, morality based on its own advancement and Darwinian evolution. While Communism at one time was the buzz word or moniker for the Marxist-Leninist worldview it now serves as an umbrella term for: Marxism, Stalinism, Maoism, Socialism, Scientific Socialism, Statism, Welfare Statism, State Capitalism, Secular Socialism, Nationalization, Wobblies, Worker's Revolutionary Party, Collectivism, Totalitarianism, Dictatorship of the Proletariat, Political and Cultural Revolution, Progressivism, Cultural Communism, Neo-Communism, Small 'c' Communism, Big 'C' Communism, Social Justice, Economic Equality, Wealth Distribution, Participatory Democracy, Fabianism, Far Leftism, Radical Leftism, Leftwing liberalism, Radical populism, New Left, Old Left, and BIG government liberalism. Dr. Noebel explains how communism is hiding in these various forms and movements and how Biblically-minded Christians should respond.

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