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Religious Trojan Horse (Part 3 & 4)

With Brannon Howse


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Part Three:

The Dangers of Dominion Theology and The New Apostolic Reformation

Jesus told his disciples in John 18:16 that His kingdom is not of this world. Christians are to build God’s kingdom in the spiritual realm as we preach the gospel but we are not called to build God’s kingdom on earth as many self-professing Christians are seeking to do today. In this presentation, Brannon explains why dominion theology one of the greatest threats to Christians that are not grounded in Biblical doctrine and theology? What are the three main false beliefs upon which dominion theology is built? What are some of the false doctrines of domino theology? Why is dominion theology unbiblical? C. Peter Wagner is one of the leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation. What are some of his proclamations? Why do the NAR leaders think the church needs to get past the Gospel of salvation and promote the seven mountains within the culture that the NAR wants to dominate?

The Dangers of The New Apostolic Reformation: Why The Office of Apostle and Prophet Has Ceased

Part Four:

Given that the New Apostolic Reformation is growing so rapidly, even within mainstream evangelicalism, it is critical to understand why apostles and prophets are not for today. NAR members claim that Christians must yield to their leadership because God has appointed them to be apostles and prophets to lead the church in establishing the kingdom of God here on earth.

But notice in Scripture that there are three kinds of apostles (I’ll discuss apostles first, then prophets): apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, apostles of the church, and false apostles. Let me lay out the complete picture as to why NAR leaders fall into the third category of false apostles. We are going to see more and more people claiming to be prophets and apostles.  But we must go back to the Word of God and explain that the office of Apostle is closed.  The office of Prophet is closed. In this presentation Brannon reveals five Biblical facts about the apostles of Jesus Christ that reveal that this office is closed. Brannon also nine Biblical facts about Prophets that reveal this office is also closed. Jesus Christ Himself warned us while here on earth that the number one sign of his Second Coming was the increase in false teachers, false prophets and false apostles. This presentation will arm you with the Biblical truth you need to contend for sound Biblical doctrine in the face of increasing apostasy.

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