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Religious Trojan Horse (Part 1 & 2)

With Brannon Howse


Purchase both Religious Trojan Horse DVDs for only $24.99!

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Part One:

Religion Will Be the Foundation for the New World Order

2 Peter 2:1-2, Jude 3, & Acts 20:28-31 speak of the religious Trojan horse that is inside the church today. The second most listed topic in the NT is apostasy within the church. Based on his new book, Brannon exposes the men, the groups, the philosophies, the worldviews and the components of the religious Trojan horse that has been built inside of today's evangelicalism. How must true Christians respond? This presentation is filled with what the Word of God has to say about the times in which we live and how to guard yourself, your family, & the true church.

Part Two:

The Unbiblical Transformation of the Church Through The Communitarian Church Growth Movement


The Hegelian Dialectic Process is being applied to the Church to produce what I call the communitarian church growth movement. Most people know this movement as the seeker-sensitive, church growth movement, but a more accurate name would be the “sinner-sensitive church growth movement” since the real goal is to transform the church from a place where the saints are equipped for the work of ministry to a place where the world is made comfortable and consensus is achieved.

Dr. Robert Klenck summarizes the dangers of the seeker-sensitive church growth movement: this movement, it is imperative that unbelievers are brought into the church; otherwise, the process of continual change cannot begin. There must be an antithesis (unbelievers) present to oppose the thesis (believers), in order to move towards consensus (compromise), and move the believers away from their moral absolutism (resistance to change). If all members of the church stand firm on the Word of God, and its final authority in all doctrine and tradition, then the church cannot and will not change. This is common faith. Soon, we will see why these “change agents” are pushing so hard for change to occur in the church.

What the good doctor is saying is that the movement is dangerous because “change agents” who implement the Hegelian Dialectic Process know exactly how to alter people’s behavior. They build on the work of behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner. Change agents have deliberately brought this philosophy into the Church in order to set up conflict. 

Many pastors read books by change agents and run to church growth conferences hosted by change agents who tell them how to grow their churches by attracting unbelievers through seeker-sensitive church programs. Yet most of these change agents are not Christians. Often, they do not believe in absolutes. They are Fabian socialists, globalists, pagan spiritualists, and communitarians. Many church growth conferences are sponsored by people and organizations such as the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations.

The public face on what these people do is always calculated to sound and look good. Take the popular “Co-exist ” bumper sticker, for instance. With letters created from various recognizable spiritual symbols, it is crafted to appeal to everyone to “get along.” Yet the communitarians which this so well represents are not interested in co-existing with Christianity. They want to co-opt Christianity for their own ends , expressing a supposed form of godliness but denying God Himself. The Bible warns of such a sign of the apostasy of the last days, and we are seeing disguises like this emerge as a major characteristic of the religious Trojan horse.

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