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Worldview Weekend Intelligence Briefing #5 DVD

With Brannon Howse


Retail Price $19.99

1. The Goals of a Biblically Based Youth Group: (29:07)
The goal of a Bible based church youth group should be to compliment what should be taking place in the Christian home. Brannon reveals fourteen goals of a Bible based student program? Should parents not be more involved in actually teaching and leading such groups? Why do churches almost always hire someone in their twenties? Should churches use their weekly youth meetings to attract the unsaved or is this seeker friendly model completely opposite of the real purpose of a New Testament church? Should we not train our students in Biblical worldview, apologetics, and Biblical evangelism before we host a function for their unsaved friends?

2. A Biblical Look at Illegal Immigration: (33:00)
Several Pastors, Christian authors, and pro-family leaders have used Leviticus 19:34 to claim that their promotion of amnesty is Biblical. However, Leviticus 19:34 has nothing to do with the public policy issue of immigration law. What is the real meaning of Leviticus 19:34? Is it unbiblical to allow illegal immigrants to live in America for twenty years and now deport them? Is it Biblical and moral to have millions of illegal immigrants here in America taking jobs from Americans? How does Romans 13 and the purpose of government apply to the issue of illegal immigration? What verses speak to the issue of national borders and sovereignty?

3. The Myth of the Separation of Church and State: (24:50)
Humanists say they want separation of church and state as defined by the ACLU but exactly what does that mean? What did America's Founding Fathers have to say about religion and law? How has the Supreme Court ignored the original intent of the founders and instead conducted a silent revolution in America? How should Christians respond to the humanists and their goal of eradicating Christianity from the public square?

4. Apologetics 101: What Every Christian Should Know and Be Able To Repeat: (19:02)
Christians must be involved in apologetics evangelism by knowing how to defend the reliability, veracity, and authenticity of the Bible as well as defend the deity of Jesus Christ and the evidence of the resurrection.

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