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Worldview Weekend Intelligence Briefing #3 DVD

With Brannon Howse


Normal price: $19.99

25 Lessons America Should Have Learned From Nazi Germany Part One (30 min)

Please understand that I'm not sensationalizing when making these observations. First Chronicles 12:32 says men of the tribe of Issachar were called wise because they "understood the times and knew what God would have them to do." To help you make your own assessment of the situation, I've distinguished 26 benchmark issues that clearly define the intensity of the tempest that is upon us. And yes, there are obvious comparisons with the growth of Nazism in Germany. I will point them out unabashedly because it's only reasonable to say so if something that looks similar to an earlier, dangerous historical parallel actually is similar. After all, storm warnings, by nature, foretell bad news.

25 Lessons America Should Have Learned From Nazi Germany Part Two (30 min)

If the church in Germany had truly acted like the Church of Jesus Christ, if Christians had understood and lived out a Biblical worldview, Germany would never have accepted Hitler. I believe he would have been rejected and overthrown within weeks of his true worldview coming to light. Most American church members today are simply reflect the culture instead of correcting and changing it. If we are to quiet the brewing storm, apathy, political correctness, and intellectual laziness must be replaced with a passion for Biblical truth, sound reasoning, logic, and the desire to lead.

Evolution Applied to the Law (30 min)

"Twentieth-century jurisprudence is based on a Darwinian worldview. Life evolves, men evolve, society evolves, and therefore laws and the constitution's meaning evolves and changes with time." This observation by constitutional and legal scholar John Eidsmoe reflects the modern legal formulation known as "legal positivism." legal positivism is simply moral relativism-the belief that there is no such thing as moral absolutes-applied to the law. According to relativists, there is no standard of right or wrong for all people in all places at all times. How is this humanistic thinking robbing of our freedoms and how is it in direct conflict with the original intent of the Founding Fathers and the Word of God?

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