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Part 1: "How To Keep The Secular Humanist Worldview From Harming Your Family" by Bob Lepine
As co-host of the national radio broadcast Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine is an expert on raising a Godly family in today's increasing secular culture. This is practical instruction for all who desire to guide families, children and grandchildren to walk with the Lord.

Part 2: "The Impact of Your Worldview" by Star Parker
This is the stunning life story of how Star Parker left her life of drugs, abortions, and welfare abuse to become a leading advocate for the family. Star's transformation from welfare fraud to conservative Christian crusader had been chronicled by ABC's 20/20; Rush Limbaugh, Readers Digest; Dr. James Dobson; The Washington Times; The O'Reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes and many other national broadcasts. Star reveals that ideas have consequences and making right choices brings blessings.

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