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Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort DVD

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Soundly Saved
By Kirk Cameron

How effective are our present-day evangelical methods when they create eighty backsliders for every one hundred, "decisions for Jesus?" In our zeal, we try to argue sinners into the kingdom by appealing to their intellect. We use every method to bring people to Christ except the method God has ordained-the Law! Kirk will present the God ordained way to preach the Law effectively-not harshly.

How To Bring A Child to Christ And Keep Them There
By Ray Comfort

While only God can save us and keep us, there are biblical principles you can implement to help prevent your children from tragically falling away from the faith. TIt is crucial to counter the unscriptural belief that a child can be saved merely by "asking Jesus into his heart," Ray shares time-tested principles to help you guide your children to experience genuine salvation and avoid the pitfall of rebellion. This presentation is filled with practical ideas fand great suggestions for helping kids understand and learn God's holy standard, the Ten Commandments.

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