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Brannon Howse 2010

Grave Influence Part Two: The Worldview Revolution That's Leading To Global Governance

In this presentation Brannon reveals how the worldviews of Aldous Huxley, Sigmund Freud, Margaret Sanger, Julius Wellhausen, Betty Friedan and Christopher Columbus Langdell have all helped to lay the foundation for the worldview revolution taking place in America. This revolution involves the globalist declaring war on Christianity, capitalism and national sovereignty. One of living radicals leading this revolution is Maurice Strong who was head of the United Nation's Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 and is one of the leading forces behind global governance and Sustainable Development. Maurice Strong has proclaimed, "Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?" And guess who the globalist and radical environmentalists blame for the world's ecological crisis? You guessed it, Christians and the Biblical worldview. Understand sustainable development and you will understand why the radicals are pushing abortion on demand, active euthanasia through the rationing of healthcare, radical environmentalism, paganism, the elimination of private property, parental authority and religious liberty. Brannon explains how the radicals are using the four E's to push their sustainable development: Education, Economy, Ecology, and Ecumenicalism.

Grave Influence Part Three: An Educational Abduction

In this presentation Brannon reveals how the worldviews of Roger Baldwin, John Dewey, Alfred Kinsey, Benjamin Bloom, B.F. Skinner, and William James are seeking to seize the hearts and minds of America's children. These radicals laid the foundation for outcome-based education, values clarification, situational ethics, promotion of homosexuality, promotion of sexual promiscuity, psychological manipulation, behavior modification, computer tracking of a student's worldview, national youth service, social justice curriculum, collectivism, group think and elimination of parental authority. Brannon's twenty years of research on this topic is evident in this cutting edge presentation that every parent and grandparent must view.Erwin Lutzer 2010

When a Nation Forgets God: Seven Lessons We Must Learn From Nazi Germany by Dr. Erwin Lutzer

The elimination of Christian holidays in the schools, paganism mixed with Christianity, seminaries, churches and Christians rejecting the authority of the Word of God, dividing one's worldview between the secular and the sacred, an economic crisis and the rise of socialism are just a few of the worldview issues facing America. However, another nation in another time confronted all of these issues and more. How the German people and the church in Germany responded to the rise of Hitler and his Nazi party can teach the American church many important lessons for how we should respond to America's worldview revolution now taking place. In this gripping keynote presentation, Dr. Erwin Lutzer reveals seven lessons we must learn from Nazi Germany. These lessons include: 1. When God is separated from government, judgment follows, 2. It's always the economy, 3. That which is legal might also be evil, 4. Propaganda can change a nation, 5. Parents—not the state—are responsible for a child's training, 6. Ordinary heroes can make a difference, 7. We must exalt the cross in the gathering darkness.

Jesus versus Mohammed by Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Dr. Lutzer’s keynote presentation is based on his experience visiting the locations of the seven churches of Revelation. He’ll share the lessons we need to learn from these churches, which experienced significant conflict with Islam. He’ll answer questions such as: 

• Does Islam’s victory over these churches prove its superiority over Christianity, as they claim?
• What options do Christians have if they live in a Muslim country?
• What does this conflict mean to the future of Europe and America?


There is no example in history where Muslims have given Christians equal

rights. All Muslims who take the Koran seriously believe that they should work toward having a Caliphate, that is, the Muslim rule of the world. Clearly, our conflict with Islam is here to stay. Because Islam is also an ideology, only the church can confront the ideological/theological issues that are involved in this religion. Passivity is not an option so how should Christians respond is one of many questions Dr. Lutzer answers in this timely presentation.

David Noebel 2010

What is in and what is out on America's High School and College Campus by Dr. David Noebel

For almost fifty years, Dr. David Noebel has been teaching, lecturing, and writing on the various worldviews competing with Christianity. As the President and Founder of Summit Ministries, Dr. Noebel has trained thousands of students each summer through his two-week worldview, academic camp in Manitou Springs, Colorado. In this presentation, Dr. David Noebel lays out specific philosophies and ideas that are competing on today's high school and college campus. On today's campus, Christian values, morality, and absolute truth is demonized and ridiculed? The values, ideas, and philosophies of humanism such as globalism, multiculturalism, feminism, homosexuality, abortion, animal rights, evolution etc. are aggressively inculcated into young hearts and minds. While you may not expect it, this presentation is filled with lots of laughing from the audience as Dr. Noebel uses humor to show the foolishness and failure of the worldviews ruling on the American campus.


What is right with America by Dr. David Noebel

In this second keynote presentation, from our Branson 2010 Worldview Weekend, Dr. David Noebel continues to keep the attention of his audience by keeping them laughing as he reveals what is right with America. What do all these things have in common: America's founding, promotion of free-market capitalism, freedom of worship, travel, establishment of schools, universities, hospitals, highways, water systems, food chains, inventions, courts, ministries that assist the poor, adoption agencies, orphanages and pregnancy crisis centers? All of them are the result of Christians living out the Biblical principles and values that make up a Biblical worldview. America's success has been rooted in Christianity and America's decline has been a result of the rejection of Biblical truth. Those that promote "social justice" want to tell you that all that is wrong with America has been because of Christianity but Dr. Noebel documents with 100% proof that all that has been right with America can be attributed to those living out a Biblical worldview.


David Arthur / Ron Carlson 2010

Freemasonry, Masonic Lodge and the Shriners: Are They Compatible with Biblical Christianity?
By Dr. Ron Carlson

After hearing this presentation, several men in attendance repented of their involvement with the Masonic Lodge, cancelled their membership, and committed to returning home to reveal to their friends and family members the need to also reject the unbiblical teachings of the Masonic Lodge. In this presentation, that includes multiple graphics, Ron reveals the beliefs, doctrines, and rituals of the Masonic Lodge and the Shriners from their own authorities. Dr. Carlson has studied the original writings of these groups and through their own words and through Dr. Carlson's study of the Word of God, he reveals why no confessing Christian can take part in the works of darkness of these two groups. 
In this fast paced, graphically rich, presentation Dr. Carlson reveals the following: Their historical background, the Blue Lodge and initiation ceremony, the goal of a universal religion, the religion of morality and works, revival of the ancient mystery religions, their view of the Word of God and Jesus Christ, the secret password to Masonic deity, Masonic salvation versus God's truth in the Bible and finally the worldview of the Shriners. Hear the stories of church pastors, deacons and elders who have been members of the lodge and how their church ministry exploded when their leadership repented and rejected the false teaching of the Masonic Lodge. Hear the story of one church that sand blasted the Masonic symbol off their church after hearing this presentation.

Why Bible Prophecy Matters by David Arthur

David Arthur of Precept Ministries International examines 2 Peter 3:1-18 and brings incredible application for today's Christian. So many voices are flooding the Christian space with teachings of prophecy. Charts, scary pictures, proclamations, predictions are running wild in the evangelical world.  It has become such a buzz that some people seem to be drunk with “new” insights, definitions and descriptions of what is to come. Prophecy is not about making charts – but rather shaping hearts! Peter says he wants to “stir up our minds” – How, with what, and why? The application that comes loud and clear from the text starts in verse 11 and continually grows stronger through the end of the chapter. David Arthur takes you through an in-depth study using the inductive Bible study approach. David's talk is appropriately non-denominational and stays away from millennial views so regardless of your eschatology; you are certain to gain Biblical insight and instruction from this powerful presentation.  


David Jeremiah / David Reagan 2010

Matthew 24: Jesus' End Time Prophecies by Dr. David Reagan

In Matthew Chapter 24, Jesus Christ Himself tells us what the last days will look like and how to know that the return of the Lord is near. While we are not to set dates and while no man knows the day or the hour; Christians can recognize the signs of the time that Jesus detailed in Matthew 24 that reveal that His return is imminent. The signs of Jesus also reveal the supernatural nature of God's Word. The signs Jesus foretold in Mathew 24 include: Explosion of cults, violence in world politics, natural disasters, persecution of believers, apostasy in the church, disintegration of society and preaching of the gospel worldwide. Dr. Reagan reveals what the message of Matthew 24 is for us today as Christians who are living at the very time and with the very signs of which Jesus predicted all around us. This fast paced presentation, with lots of pictures and news headlines, is also over-flowing with Scripture. This is not a time for Christians to be afraid, to retreat, to be filled with doom and gloom. This is perhaps the greatest hour for the Church of Jesus Christ if we understand the incredible opportunities that are now before us. Watch this presentation and be challenged, inspired, encouraged, and equipped to live as a good solider of Jesus Christ in the very days that Jesus Himself predicted. 

Finding Strength for the Journey by Dr. David Jeremiah

Do you find yourself becoming weary, exhausted, and discouraged as you run the Christian race? Then Hebrews 12:1-3 will speak directly to you. Dr. David Jeremiah opens the Word of God and reveals the important message of how to run the race of faith in Jesus Christ with endurance. In today's world, Christians are increasingly experiencing persecution. Hebrews tells us that we should remember or consider the persecution, attacks, and hostility that Jesus Christ Himself endured from sinners lest we become weary and discouraged in our souls. Hebrews 10:37-18 promises us that Jesus Christ will return and as true converts of Jesus Christ we must live by faith and we will not draw back or to return to a life of willful sinfulness and apostasy. We must run with determination the race marked out before us no matter how grueling it becomes to do the will of God. As faithful servants of the Most High we are promised that at the end of our race will we will receive the price, the reward of eternity with our Lord and Savior.





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