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What is in and what is out on America's High School and College Campus by Dr. David Noebel

For almost fifty years, Dr. David Noebel has been teaching, lecturing, and writing on the various worldviews competing with Christianity. As the President and Founder of Summit Ministries, Dr. Noebel has trained thousands of students each summer through his two-week worldview, academic camp in Manitou Springs, Colorado. In this presentation, Dr. David Noebel lays out specific philosophies and ideas that are competing on today's high school and college campus. On today's campus, Christian values, morality, and absolute truth is demonized and ridiculed? The values, ideas, and philosophies of humanism such as globalism, multiculturalism, feminism, homosexuality, abortion, animal rights, evolution etc. are aggressively inculcated into young hearts and minds. While you may not expect it, this presentation is filled with lots of laughing from the audience as Dr. Noebel uses humor to show the foolishness and failure of the worldviews ruling on the American campus.

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What is right with America by Dr. David Noebel

In this second keynote presentation, from our Branson 2010 Worldview Weekend, Dr. David Noebel continues to keep the attention of his audience by keeping them laughing as he reveals what is right with America. What do all these things have in common: America's founding, promotion of free-market capitalism, freedom of worship, travel, establishment of schools, universities, hospitals, highways, water systems, food chains, inventions, courts, ministries that assist the poor, adoption agencies, orphanages and pregnancy crisis centers? All of them are the result of Christians living out the Biblical principles and values that make up a Biblical worldview. America's success has been rooted in Christianity and America's decline has been a result of the rejection of Biblical truth. Those that promote "social justice" want to tell you that all that is wrong with America has been because of Christianity but Dr. Noebel documents with 100% proof that all that has been right with America can be attributed to those living out a Biblical worldview.


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