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Worldview Weekend Intelligence Briefing #1 DVD


Retail Price: $20.00

These five 20 minute commentaries by Brannon Howse were produced for his national television program "The Worldview Weekend Hour" and they are perfect for individuals, families, a Bible study, Christian School, or Sunday school class. Brannon produced these 20 minute worldview commentaries for those that desire to understand the times and how to respond through a Biblical worldview, history, future trends, and the application of reason, logic, and context. Brannon takes complex topics and breaks them down in laymen terms thus making this a great resource for ages 10 to 110. Topics discussed is this first Worldview Weekend Intelligence Briefing DVD include:

Four Stages For Transforming a Nation Into Socialism

This is a commentary that looks at how America has been transformed from within by the worldview of the faculty of the Frankfurt School that came to America in 1933. In 1985, Mr. Yuri Bezmenov who was a former KGB agent revealed how the socialists and Communists were collapsing America. Mr. Bezmenov revealed the four stages for transforming a society. How does the demoralization phase fit with the six steps for societal transformation presented by Aldous Huxley in his book Brave New World? Where is America in these steps and what can conservative, Bible-minded Christians do?

10 Biblical Hallmarks That Reveal A True Follower of Christ or an Imposter

This commentary looks at ten hallmarks of a true convert as found in the book of First John. Brannon reveals how to evangelize like Jesus Christ did using the moral law instead of today's man-centered gospel has created false converts.

Why The Rise of Pagan Spirituality in The Church, Culture, and Military and How Should You Respond?

What is pagan spirituality and why is it doubling in America every 18 months according to the June 2008, Denver Post? How has pagan spirituality entered the church and under what masking terms? In 2010, The Air Force Times reported that the Wicca religion is now the second most followed religion in the Air Force after Christianity? Why is this dangerous?

How did Hitler use pagan spirituality to desensitize his troops? How can Christians use the increasing interest in spirituality to our advantage when sharing the Gospel with the lost?

America's Founding Fathers Warned That This is How America Could Fall And We Did Not Listen

Brannon explains the difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy. What did America's founding fathers say would happen to America if we become a democracy? Brannon reveals that in the nineteen eighties even TIME Magazine and Newsweek Magazine acknowledged the influence the Bible had on America's founding documents. Now that America has clearly rejected God and His Character and Nature as embodied in a constitutional republic, what the long term prognosis for America?

Did the Founding Fathers Violate New Testament Principles When They Founded America?

Was the founding of America a sin and a military insurrection as one nationally known pastor has said? Are all governments approved of God? Did God raise up Hitler? Is civil disobedience Biblical under certain circumstance and if so how should it be conducted? Were the founders involved in a war of defense of offense?

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