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The philosophies of a handful of people have shaped our country just as the Father of Lies would want. Whether in law, science, economics, history, family, social issues, education, or religion, the worldviews that corrupt godly values are traceable to four major forces. Brannon Howse reveals the demonically-inspired connections between occultism and pagan spirituality, the apostate church (strong in America), our educations establishment, and the government-corporate complex.

Through this DVD, Brannon reveals 9 of the 21 enemies that he exposes in his book Grave Influence that are enemies of a Biblical worldview. Today's followers of these radicals do not want their agenda unveiled for the American people. Above all, they don't want us to train our children and grandchildren with a Biblical worldview by which to recognize, reject and fight against their seductive and destructive lies. Brannon traces the influence of seminal thinkers who, even after they're long gone from this world, still win battles for the hearts and minds of the unaware. Brannon reveals three specific things you must do to win this spiritual battle and ten reasons why and how this can be the greatest hour for the American church.

Grave Influence the DVD, will help you see the world and events rocking the globe as a part of a big picture, not in bits and pieces. You'll recognize the lies that have been cleverly packaged in positive, masking terms and how they conceal a destructive spiritual agenda brought upon us by the legacies of:

Saul Alinsky
Karl Marx
John Dewey
John Maynard Keynes
Friedrich Nietzsche
Alice Bailey
Helen Schucman
The Frankfurt School
Soren Kierkegaard

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