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Already Gone by Ken Ham
Anita Dittman
Bob Cornuke and David Limbaugh 2006 DVD
Brannon Howse / Voddie Baucham Jr. (Branson 07)
Brannon Howse, Branson 2011
Candace Cameron / Brannon Howse
Chris Pinto, Branson 2012
David Arthur / Ron Carlson 2010
David Jeremiah / David Reagan 2010
David Noebel (Branson 09)
David Noebel 2010
David Noebel, Branson 2011
David Reagan (Branson 09)
Dr. David Noebel and Dr. John Whitcomb, Branson 2012
Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Branson 2012
Erwin Lutzer 2010
Exposing The Heresy of the Word of Faith & Prosperity Gospel Preachers Through Their Own Words
Frank Harber / Kerby Anderson
How To Keep The Secular Humanist Worldview From Harming Your Family by Bob Lepine and The Impact of Your Worldview by Star Parker
Jason Carlson / Mark Cahill
Jerry Vines, Branson 2011
Jerry Vines, Branson 2012
Joel Rosenberg (Branson 09)
Justin Peters, Branson 2012
Kay Arthur (Branson 09)
Kerby Anderson / Dr. Marshall Foster (MN 07)
Kirk Cameron / Ray Comfort
Last Days Deception or Biblical Truth by Brannon Howse
Last Days Deception or Biblical Truth with Brannon Howse
Michael Reagan (Branson 07)
Michael Youssef / Erwin Lutzer
Mike Gendron, Branson 2012
Nancy Leigh DeMoss / Woodrow Kroll (Branson 07)
Norm Geisler / Norm Geisler (MN 07)
Question of Origins by Ron Carlson
Randy Alcorn, Branson 2011
Ron Carlson, Branson 2011
Russell O'Quinn / Steve Saint
Sean McDowell / Josh McDowell
The Biblical Answer to Racism by Ken Ham
The Rise of the Antichrist with Brannon Howse & Dr. Jimmy DeYoung
The Worldview War of Islam
Understanding the Perilous Times (Branson 09)
Usama Dakdok / John Loeffler, Branson 2011
Why Biblical Christianity Cannot Merge with the Church of Rome with Brannon Howse & Mike Gendron
Woodrow Kroll / David Jeremiah
Worldview Weekend Intelligence Briefing #1 DVD
Worldview Weekend Intelligence Briefing #2 DVD
Worldview Weekend Intelligence Briefing #3 DVD
Worldview Weekend Intelligence Briefing #4 DVD
Worldview Weekend Intelligence Briefing #5 DVD

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