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DVD #1

Science & the Bible - The Myth of Neutrality by Ken Ham

†So many in the church today are falling victim to the Genesis 3 attack, “Did God really say...?”† They question His Word and instead place their trust in the fallible words and “knowledge” of man.† In this talk, Ken Ham challenges Christians to hold a high view of Scripture - all of Scripture.† He examines Genesis 1:2-5 and other Bible passages to gain a firm grasp on the Bible’s authority and authenticity.† The undermining of God’s Word will have lasting effects on future generations; we must repent of our desire to gain praise of man rather than the “well done” of a holy God.

Genesis:  Is It Relevant For Today? Ken Ham

In this presentation Ken explains the literal history of Genesis and that it is foundational to biblical doctrines and the Gospel.

DVD #2

Hirelings Versus Shepherds (Part one and two)

In this presentation, Brannon plays shocking video clips “pastors” mocking those in their church that want to go deeper into the study of God’s Word.† How do hirelings manipulate, marginalize, and characterize Biblical Christians so they either leave their “church” or embrace the unbiblical model of their church? In this presentation Brannon lays out, from the Scriptures, the characteristics of a hireling versus the characteristics of a pastor/shepherd. See the video clip of a “pastor” that believes the church should look to pop culture to address the needs of the community. Brannon explains why churches are not called to look to pop culture and why is it not the calling of the church to reach the felt needs of the community or of unbelievers? Brannon plays a video clip of Rick Warren declaring that the annual campaign is the number one way to grow a church. Brannon then plays a video clip of Warren explaining how he learned about the annual campaign from the communists who had an understanding of how to create converts. Brannon explains why he believes many of today’s hirelings are really promoting a “new kind of Christianity” and “new kind of church” that is based on communism lite. Communitarianism is Communism lite. Brannon concludes this two part presentation with a Biblical response to dealing with the today’s hirelings and the “new kind of church” and “new kind of Christianity” they are creating.

DVD #3

Why Christians Should Reject Social Justice and its Missional Madness and Reclaim the Great Commission by Jesse Johnson

Much of the push for the church to engage in social transformation and indiscriminate care for the poor of the world comes from a wrong understanding of the relationship between the church and Israel. There is no doubt that Israel was called to care for the poor in their landóregardless of their creed. The alien, foreigner, slave, and sojourning widow were all protected by the Law, and if Israel would have kept the law, there would have been no poor in the land.

The question is this: does the church have a similar task? Is the church charged to care for the poor of the world, in the same way Israel was? In this presentation Jesse reveals with Biblical clarity that the answer is “no,” and he aids us in understanding God’s mission to the world.† Believers are called to minister to the poor in within the church, and to meet the needs of believers worldwide. Obedience to these commands is one of the most basic ways that God’s glory is revealed through the church. In this presentation Jesse explains that while Israel was to stay and obey, the church is supposed to go and proclaim. Israel was supposed to transform their culture as a means to attract the world. The church is supposed to scatter around the world, and preach Jesus. We don’t wait for them to come to us, but we go out knocking on doors.

The Death of Discernment
by Mike Gendron

What is discernment? What leads to discernment? Why do we need discernment? What are the major causes for the pending death of discernment? Why is there a decline of Biblical preaching? What three kinds of preachers can you choose between? Why are false teachers so successful? Why must we discern between doctrines? Why must we discern between churches? How is the sanctity of God’s Church advanced? How is sanctity destroyed? How can you be part of the solution and not the problem?

DVD #4

The Most Important Question Facing Our Culture Today by Jason Carlson

What is the most important question facing our culture today that people have been asking over 2,000 years as revealed in Matthew 21:23-32? Why do people fail to acknowledge the authority and Lordship of Jesus Christ? How should you respond to the skeptic when it comes to their questions about evolution vs. creation or their question as to whether the Bible is really God’s Word? What does it mean to yield to God’s authority? Does your testimony reflect one that has submitted to Christ and is guided by the Holy Spirit?

The Real Jesus Among False Christ’s By Jared Carlson

What is a cult? What are four categories of cults? What deceives most people about the cults? Jim Jones convinced over 900 people in his cult to commit suicide. Why is it important to note that not one Bible was found among the dead cult members of Jim Jones? What Biblical truths can we use in sharing Biblical gospel with those deceived by a cult and its leaders?

DVD #5

Jerusalem: The city of Creation, Conflict and Controversy by Jimmy DeYoung

Jerusalem is in so many ways the center of the world’s attention and rightfully. Jerusalem is the political and spiritual capital of the Jewish people. Jerusalem was the focus during the Babylonian conflict (2 Chronicles 36), Roman conflict (Matthew 24 and Luke 21:24) and will be of a coming world-wide Conflict (Revelation 16: 13-16). Jerusalem will be the city of conflict at the beginning of the tribulation (Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11: 40-45, Psalms 83 and Joel 2:3), during the tribulation (Revelation 13 and Daniel 9: 27 and the end of the tribulation (Zechariah 14: 2-5).

God’s Plan For The Jewish People in the Last Days by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

The Ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel, though he was a prophet, actually pre-wrote history for the Jewish people in the last portion of his prophetic book in the Bible. In chapters 33-48, Ezekiel lays out the events of the last days for the Jewish people, which, when it is put alongside current events, seems to be evidence that these prophecies are near fulfillment. Ezekiel foretold of the Celebration of a Jewish State, the Coalition of Islamic States, the Conflict between Two Brothers, the Confirmation of a Peace Treaty and the Commitment to a Jewish Temple. A study of these prophetic passages should alert you to the nearness of the second coming of Christ; however, I hasten to remind you that before Jesus comes back to the earth, the rapture of the church will take place - when the Lord calls Christians to the heavens to be with Him forevermore.

DVD #6

From Babel to Babel: The Utopian Dream of World Unity by Carl Teichrib

"Carl's presentation, From Babel to Babel, is a broad survey demonstrating the ancient and modern desire of Mankind: To ultimately be in charge of human destiny and assert our power through world unity. Starting with Genesis 11 and the Tower of Babel, Carl brings this humanist dream forward into the "Babel" architecture of the modern movement for world government, a world currency, and a world religion. Along the way he explores the influence of Saint Simon and "New Christianity," the role of John Foster Dulles and the Federal Council of Churches, Pope Pius XII and his meeting with World Federalists, ideas for a single global currency and the potential power of a global central bank, and the rise of interfaithism and internationalized religion. Carl augments his evidence with first-hand experiences as an observer at the UN Millennium Forum, the UN World Urban Forum, the International Congress of the World Federalist Movement, and the 2010 World Religions Summit."

The Tower of Babel by Bodie Hodge

This talk will cover various aspects of the Tower of Babel including attacks against the historicity of the events at Babel, the different people groups and where they went and various language questions.† It will also discuss the different so called “races” and why the different people groups can be explained through a biblical perspective. This is a powerful talk with some meat for those who want it.

DVD #7

The Jesuits & The Counter Reformation By Chris Pinto

The 2013 election of Pope Francis I ushered in the first Jesuit Pope in the history of the Catholic Church. News outlets around the world reported “first Jesuit Pope” again and again. But how many people understand the true history and purpose of this mysterious military order of priests? In 1540, the Jesuits were commissioned by Pope Paul III to launch the Counter Reformation, intended to overthrow and destroy the Protestant movement begun by Luther, Tyndale and many others. In this multimedia presentation, documentary filmmaker, Chris Pinto reveals the history of the Order and their influence into modern times. Covered in this presentation will be:

1.Original purpose of the Jesuits
2.Their influence over the Inquisition
3.Development of Higher Criticism to attack the Bible.
4.The Jesuits & Frankenstein
5.Rome, Hitler & the Holocaust
6.Jesuit origins of Social Justice
7.Jesuit origins of Communism
8.Jesuits in Washington D.C.


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