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Within its first eight months of existence, Christian was receiving approximately 1 million page views per month with an estimated 250,000 to 300,000 unique visitors each month. Christian and Worldview has thousands of loyal visitors that visit our site each day. The average visitor of Christian Worldview and Worldview is interested in cultural, political, worldview and theological issues and have incomes that range from middle to upper income levels.Many of our visitors include lay people in addition to pastors, talk-show hosts, journalists, news directors and Christian speakers and authors. Many of our visitors have marked our site as a favorite and visit every day or several time a week.

Your banner will be placed on the home-page of Christian Worldview and every secondary page. Your banner will also be placed on every secondary page of Worldview We reserve the right to approve all advertisers to make sure they are consisent with our Christian worldview and Christian doctrines. After reviewing our rates, please e-mail us at [email protected] so we can begin the approval process. If your organization, company or product is approved, we will e-mail you so you can go into our bookstore and purchase the size banner you desire and the length of time you would like your banner to appear on our site. In addition to a banner, a link to your website will be included in one of our e-mail alerts for each month your banner is on our website.

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